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Commercial & Business Interpreting

We offer a comprehensive approach to business interpretation services.  From start to finish, your project or event will be our highest priority.  In addition to our training and knowledge of  interpreting, we specialize in terminology and understanding of business to business services..  




    Seminars, Training & Workshops


  • Train your multilingual team seamlessly  using simultaneous interpreting
  • Translate written and audiovisual materials before the event
  • Send everyone home with a hard copy of your seminar with subtitles and/or voice overlay

    Financial Interpreter Services


  • Continuing Education and Prospecting
  • Investing, Insurance, Banking, Accounting

    Increase Sales & Customer Base


  • Host a seminar for Multilingual Prospects
  • Develop diversity marketing strategies
  • Add another language to your  Website with interactive forms
  • Reach the more customers with bilingual commercials, ads & mail-outs


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