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Convention Interpreting

We love conventions, seminars, and conferences!  The synergy and teamwork that go into making a first class convention is very exciting for us!  From brainstorming & planning to the final clean-up, we are your interpreter resource. You can count on us to help you streamline communication in all facets of your event.




    Seminars, Training & Workshops


  • Train your multilingual team seamlessly using  simultaneous interpreting
  • Translate written and audiovisual materials before the event
  • Send everyone home with a hard copy of your seminar with subtitles and/or voice overlay

    Financial Interpreter Services


  • Continuing Education and Prospecting
  • Investing, Insurance, Banking, Accounting

    Increase Sales & Customer Base


  • Host a seminar for Limited English Prospects
  • Develop diversity marketing strategies
  • Add another language to your  Website with interactive language forms
  • Reach the largest minority with bilingual commercials, ads & mail-outs


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