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Medical Interpreting Examples

Here are several examples of real-life situations and services Nashville Interpreters provides.  With so much emphasis on Title VI compliance, it's simply prudent and more efficient to seek the help of a qualified interpreter.

Spanish Mother



    Hospitals & Inpatient Services


  • Prenatal care and self-administering injections for mothers who may show signs of diabetes due to pregnancy
  • Informing new Hispanic parents that their baby has special needs

    Home Health Services & Home Visits


  • Ensuring a new Hispanic mom and dad can change the Laryngectomy Tube on their newborn at home
  • Maintaining the Mickey gastronomy button dressing, formula schedule and feeding machine at home

    Private Practices & Outpatient Services


  • Pediatric half-day, onsite interpreter once a week during flu season
  • Individual psychiatric session with Hispanic mother after her son's passing



  • 24-hour call service for police, fire and emergency room care
  • Crisis call-line management for mental health patients


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