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Please enjoy various articles and research about Interpreters and Translators.





May 2002

Supreme Court Sets Standards for Foregin Language Interpreters



"The rule recognizes that for most people living in the US, English is their native language...There are others for whom English is not...For them, language can be a barrier for understanding and exercising their legal rights..." http://www.foreignlanguages.org/publ/TSCI_2002_05.pdf


Nov 2007

Language Barrier



Courthouse interpreters accused of giving one-sided legal advice to Spanish-speaking defendants:  "The document further alleges that the translator never told Quinteros that pleading not guilty was even an option....The filing states that 'approximately 10 Spanish-speaking defendants were also advised to plead guilty by the same interpreter.'”http://www.nashvillescene.com/Stories/News/2007/11/22/Language_Barrier/


Oct 2000

Executive Order 13166:Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency



"The Executive Order requires Federal agencies to examine the services they provide, identify any need for services to those with limited English proficiency (LEP), and develop and implement a system to provide those services so LEP persons can have meaningful access to them." http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/cor/13166.htm


Dec 2007

Arrested Criminal Charges Translator with "ineffective assistance of counsel”



"Back then it didn’t matter if [an undocumented immigrant] pled guilty. They didn’t get deported. They pled out, paid a fine, did community service, maybe served time and then went back to work. Now those minor convictions really matter. Those [translator] problems from years ago are now coming home to roost.”



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