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Interpreting Services


Legal Interpreting Services


Interpreters are essential for people with limited English.  Whether for a judge or a juror, oral communication must be accurate. Nashville Interpreters commits to providing professional, qualified and unbiased interpreting services. Click here for more information.

Medical Interpreting Services


Medical care is its own universal language, yet what ails a patient is not always obvious.  Nashville Interpreters alleviates the language barrier and enables medical staff to communicate more efficiently.  Click here for more information.

Business Interpreting Services


Business communication is easy with Nashville Interpreters. Increase your customer base with an interpreter by your side.  Host seminars, workshops, business meetings.  Ask us about website design for bilingual commerce. Click here for more information.

Conventions Interpreting Services

We tailor our services to your event's special needs. From start to finish, we ready to help your convention go smoothly. Ask us about translating announcements, emails, recordings and PowerPoints. Simultaneous interpreting can be administered many ways, so what you want is our priority.  Click here for more information.




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